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Last active Dec 17, 2015
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[root@ip-10-116-195-128 etc]# ls /etc
adjtime cron.weekly gshadow kernel mercurial os-release rpc sysctl.conf
aliases crypttab gshadow- krb5.conf mke2fs.conf pacman.conf rsyncd.conf sysctl.d
arch-release cups gssapi_mech.conf mkinitcpio.conf pacman.conf.pacnew runit syslog-ng
avahi davfs2 healthd.conf mkinitcpio.d pacman.d screenrc systemd
bash.bash_logout dbus-1 host.conf modprobe.d pam.d securetty tmpfiles.d
bash.bashrc default hostid libnl modules-load.d pango security trusted-key.key
binfmt.d depmod.d hostname locale.conf motd passwd sensors3.conf udev
ca-certificates dhcpcd.conf hosts locale.gen mtab passwd- services vconsole.conf
ca-certificates.conf drirc hosts.allow localtime mysql pkcs11 shadow vdpau_wrapper.cfg
cgconfig.conf environment hosts.deny login.defs nanorc profile shadow- vimrc
cgrules.conf exim hosts.deny.pacsave logrotate.conf netconfig profile.d shells warnquota.conf
cgsnapshot_blacklist.conf fonts idnalias.conf logrotate.d nrpe protocols skel wgetrc
chef fstab idn.conf lxc nrpe.d quotagrpadmins ssh X11
conf.d fstab.old inputrc machine-id nscd.conf quotatab ssl xdg
cron.d gai.conf iproute2 mail nsswitch.conf rc.d stax xinetd.d
cron.daily gemrc iptables mail.rc ntp.conf request-key.conf sudoers zfs
cron.hourly group issue makepkg.conf openldap request-key.d sudoers.d
cron.monthly group- jenkins-public-ipv4 man_db.conf openvpn resolv.conf swarm.conf
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