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Convert MP4/AVI clips to GIF with a single Python function
import imageio
import os, sys
class TargetFormat(object):
GIF = ".gif"
MP4 = ".mp4"
AVI = ".avi"
def convertFile(inputpath, targetFormat):
outputpath = os.path.splitext(inputpath)[0] + targetFormat
print("converting\r\n\t{0}\r\nto\r\n\t{1}".format(inputpath, outputpath))
reader = imageio.get_reader(inputpath)
fps = reader.get_meta_data()['fps']
writer = imageio.get_writer(outputpath, fps=fps)
for i,im in enumerate(reader):
sys.stdout.write("\rframe {0}".format(i))
convertFile("C:\\Users\\Yoda\\Desktop\\EwokPr0n.mp4", TargetFormat.GIF)

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Joesauris commented Feb 8, 2018

I've been stuck on this error code...

AttributeError: module 'imageio' has no attribute 'get_reader'

Any suggestions on why? I'm new to python so it is likely a problem with me not the code I expect. But I'd really like it to work so I figured who better to ask than you?

When I run:

It prints documentation on get_reader, so I know python sees it, but don't know why it can't find it in the script


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zhenyuan992 commented Feb 26, 2018

What imageio version are you running?
ie run this:

import imageio

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PeskyWabbit commented May 21, 2018

whenever I use this method it does not convert the entire mp4 but only part of it

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