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Technical Test Instructions


We're stoked you've chosen to join us. If you're successful, you'll be joining a team that is focused on technical excellence and continuous improvement. We take great care to produce well-structured, well-tested, maintainable code. To be successful, you'll need to demonstrate that you do as well.


  1. Complete the short version of the Big 5 test and save your results as text.
  2. Create a new git repository for your code.
  3. Write a utility that parses the text or HTML results of your test into the following format. Note that you'll need to include your email, which doesn't appear in the output of your Big 5 test. Feel free to use intermediary data structures and useful libraries.
   "NAME":"Your Name",
      "Overall Score":92,
         "Activity Level":86,
      "Overall Score":82,
  1. Write a utility that submits your Big 5 results (in the format above) to our Recruitbot API. You will need to POST a JSON representation of your results (as the request body) to Keep in mind that this is a JSON endpoint so your request headers will need to specify JSON as the content type. This endpoint will either return a 201 and a receipt token in the body of the response, or a 422 with helpful error messages in the body of the response.
  2. Exercise your utility to submit your results to Recruitbot.
  3. Send a tarball of your git repository to Don't post your work publicly unless you want other
    applicants to be able to see it (and please don't post it publicly even then… because we don't particularly want other
    applicants to be able to see it).
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