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data.avl-based join transducer as discussed in the hallway track of Clojure/conj 2018
(alembic/distill '[org.clojure/data.avl "0.0.17"])
(alembic/distill '[net.cgrand/xforms "0.12.1"])
(require '[ :as avl]
'[net.cgrand.xforms :as x])
(defn join [keyfn xforms-map]
(x/multiplex xforms-map)
(fn join-xform [rf]
(let [xform-keys (vec (keys xforms-map))
ms (volatile! (zipmap xform-keys (repeatedly #(avl/sorted-map))))]
(fn join-rf
([] (rf))
([end] (rf end))
([acc [xform-key x]]
(let [k (keyfn x)
ms' (dissoc @ms xform-key)
(reduce-kv (fn join-rf-collect [out xform-key' m']
(let [e (find m' k)]
(cond-> out
e (assoc xform-key' (val e)))))
{xform-key x}
(if (== (count xforms-map) (count maybe-output))
(doseq [xform-key xform-keys]
(vswap! ms update xform-key avl/subrange > k))
(rf acc maybe-output))
(vswap! ms update xform-key assoc k x)
(join :foo {:x (map #(update % :foo * 2))
:y (map #(update % :foo * 3))
:z (map #(update % :foo * 4))})
(map #(hash-map :foo %) (range 30)))
#_[{:z {:foo 0}, :x {:foo 0}, :y {:foo 0}}
{:x {:foo 12}, :y {:foo 12}, :z {:foo 12}}
{:x {:foo 24}, :y {:foo 24}, :z {:foo 24}}
{:x {:foo 36}, :y {:foo 36}, :z {:foo 36}}
{:x {:foo 48}, :y {:foo 48}, :z {:foo 48}}]
(join :foo {:x (map #(-> (update % :foo * 2) (assoc :x true)))
:y (map #(-> (update % :foo * 3) (assoc :y true)))
:z (map #(-> (update % :foo * 4) (assoc :z true)))})
(map #(hash-map :foo %) (range 30)))
#_({:z {:z true, :foo 0}, :x {:foo 0, :x true}, :y {:y true, :foo 0}}
{:x {:foo 12, :x true}, :y {:y true, :foo 12}, :z {:z true, :foo 12}}
{:x {:foo 24, :x true}, :y {:y true, :foo 24}, :z {:z true, :foo 24}}
{:x {:foo 36, :x true}, :y {:y true, :foo 36}, :z {:z true, :foo 36}}
{:x {:foo 48, :x true}, :y {:y true, :foo 48}, :z {:z true, :foo 48}})
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