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package mypkg;
public class Ugly {
public Ugly(){}
public String foo(boolean i) { return "bool: " + i; }
public String foo(Object o) { return "obj: " + o; }
user> (def u (foo.TestInterop2.))
;;; and obviously...
user> (let [t u]
(.foo t (boolean true)))
"obj: true"
(.foo (mypkg.Ugly.) 5)
;=> "obj: 5"
(.foo (mypkg.Ugly.) true)
;=> "obj: true"
(.foo (mypkg.Ugly.) (boolean true))
;=> "bool: true"
(def u (mypkg.Ugly.))
(.foo u (boolean true))
;=> "obj: true"
(.foo #^mypkg.Ugly u (boolean true))
;=> "bool: true"
;; renamed mypkg.Ugly to foo.TestInterop2 when doing my tests
user> (let [t (foo.TestInterop2.)]
(.foo t (boolean true)))
"bool: true"
;;; type-hinting the Var
user> (def #^foo.TestInterop2 x (foo.TestInterop2.))
user> (.foo x (boolean true))
"bool: true"
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