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Short-circuiting logical disjunction of several futures' results in core.async
(defn thread-or
"Call each of the fs on a separate thread. Return logical
disjunction of the results. Short-circuit (and cancel the calls to
remaining fs) on first truthy value returned."
[& fs]
(let [futs-and-cs
(doall (for [f fs]
(let [c (chan)]
[(future (>!! c (f))) c])))]
(loop [futs-and-cs futs-and-cs]
(let [[result c] (alts!! (map peek futs-and-cs))]
(if result
(do (doseq [fut (map first futs-and-cs)]
(future-cancel fut))
(let [new-futs-and-cs (remove #(identical? (peek %) c)
(if (next new-futs-and-cs)
(recur new-futs-and-cs)
(<!! (peek (first new-futs-and-cs))))))))))
(thread-or (constantly true) (constantly true))
;;= true
(thread-or (constantly true) (constantly false))
;;= true
(thread-or (constantly false) (constantly false))
;;= false
;; prints :foo before returning true
(thread-or #(do (Thread/sleep 3000) true)
#(do (Thread/sleep 1000) (println :foo)))
;; does not print :foo
(thread-or #(do (Thread/sleep 3000) true)
#(do (Thread/sleep 7000) (println :foo)))

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@michalmarczyk michalmarczyk commented Jul 12, 2013

Written in reponse to the Short-circuiting futures in clojure Stack Overflow question.

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