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Compute permutation that sorts the input
;; Written to answer
;; See for the single-threaded version
(defn order3 [xs]
(let [rnd (java.util.Random.)
a1 (double-array xs)
a2 (long-array (alength a1))]
(dotimes [i (alength a2)]
(aset a2 i i))
(letfn [(quicksort [^long l ^long h]
(if (< l h)
(let [p (.invokePrim ^clojure.lang.IFn$LLL partition l h)]
(quicksort l (dec p))
(quicksort (inc p) h))))
(partition ^long [^long l ^long h]
(let [pidx (+ l (.nextInt rnd (- h l)))
pivot (aget a1 pidx)]
(swap1 a1 pidx h)
(swap2 a2 pidx h)
(loop [i (dec l)
j l]
(if (< j h)
(if (< (aget a1 j) pivot)
(let [i (inc i)]
(swap1 a1 i j)
(swap2 a2 i j)
(recur i (inc j)))
(recur i (inc j)))
(let [i (inc i)]
(when (< (aget a1 h) (aget a1 i))
(swap1 a1 i h)
(swap2 a2 i h))
(swap1 [^doubles a ^long i ^long j]
(let [tmp (aget a i)]
(aset a i (aget a j))
(aset a j tmp)))
(swap2 [^longs a ^long i ^long j]
(let [tmp (aget a i)]
(aset a i (aget a j))
(aset a j tmp)))]
(let [lim (alength a1)
mid (quot lim 2)
f1 (future (quicksort 0 (dec mid)))
f2 (future (quicksort mid (dec lim)))]
(loop [out (transient [])
i 0
j mid]
(== i mid)
(if (== j lim)
(reduce (fn [out j]
(conj! out (aget a2 j)))
(range j lim))))
(== j lim)
(reduce (fn [out i]
(conj! out (aget a2 i)))
(range i mid)))
(let [ie (aget a1 i)
je (aget a1 j)]
(if (< ie je)
(recur (conj! out (aget a2 i)) (inc i) j)
(recur (conj! out (aget a2 j)) i (inc j))))))))))
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