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Created July 25, 2012 08:53
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Take screenshot with Behat/Mink after failed step
* Take screenshot when step fails.
* Works only with Selenium2Driver.
* @AfterStep
public function takeScreenshotAfterFailedStep($event)
if (4 === $event->getResult()) {
$driver = $this->getSession()->getDriver();
if (!($driver instanceof Selenium2Driver)) {
//throw new UnsupportedDriverActionException('Taking screenshots is not supported by %s, use Selenium2Driver instead.', $driver);
$screenshot = $driver->wdSession->screenshot();
file_put_contents('/tmp/test.png', base64_decode($screenshot));
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Another dedicated extension with support for Mink (Goutte) and Selenium screenshots

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Another extension that gives more than just a screenshot with minimal setup!

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