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Coding with Love

Coding with Love

Love Today

Second to last day of the Florida Entrepreneur Club’s 10 x 10 writing challenge! I wanted to finish out the collection strong, so today I am Coding with Love! Despite being a hectic day from start to finish, it was filled with love -- therefore it wasn’t difficult at all to channel that into my program.

To provide context, I woke up this morning preparing to give a talk this evening on the 10 x 10 challenge and my journey, then got the best call in the world from Boca Code. This was followed by working in the 1909 with some amazing people (and a VERY CUTE!! Greyhound, Nala, for future reference), and watching my sister deliver a talk for the global meetup QueerJS. By the time I actually gave my talk at FloridaJS, I was on cloud 9 -- so fulfilled from such an incredible day. Normally I plan out any speaking engagements I do word for word. While rewatching the talk on YouTube, it wasn’t my best delivery, but when I was talking about it in the moment, I nestled into my comfort zone, like Nala on her blanket, and just spoke from the heart. The reception was more than I could’ve hoped for and the love I received was overwhelming.

And Darling I Will…

It wasn’t until around 9:30pm that I actually could start writing my program and article. I was certain I was going to go overtime today. Just at the end I would tarnish my perfect record. However, thanks to my amazing partner, Derek Campbell, I was able to code up a project relatively quickly with no love lost.

When I asked Derek if he would work on Coding with Love with me, he happily obliged. I started throwing around ideas of what the program could look like and in the true spirit of how “Coding With…” collaborations have gone, he came up with something so much better than I could’ve thought of on my own. Derek’s idea was to share more than just romantic love, he wanted to showcase the love between friends, partners, families. He shared with me a link about the eight different kinds of love identified by the Ancient Greeks and suggested we showcase each one.

For me this was all new. I don’t recall ever learning about these different kinds of love, but as I read through each one, they all made perfect sense.

Agape -- Selfless Love | Eros -- Romantic Love | Ludos -- Playful Love | Mania -- Obsessive Love | Philautia -- Self Love | Philia -- Affectionate Love | Pragma -- Enduring Love | Storge -- Familiar Love

While I’ve experienced several of these, I think the strongest for me currently are Pragma and Agape. I also think it’s really cool that I now know what to call those emotions!

Music to My Heart

Working through Coding with Love felt so gentle and kind. I don’t think I’ve written the word “love” so many times in a code base as I did tonight, and I really had fun with it. CSS classname’s for this program include: “img-of-love”, “love”, and “all-the-love”. I have a state hook called “love” and an array of images called “loves”. Have I mentioned today’s theme focused on love, yet?

When sharing ideas with Derek and building out today’s program, it was such a beautiful experience to think about all of the different types of love identified and be reminded of when I’ve felt these emotions and why. I hope the user feels these same unexpected reminders of affections and receives a little bit of newfound knowledge from the Ancient Greeks.


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