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In project:
1. Double check that package.json has a start script
In command line, in PROJECT folder - add Heroku:
2. which heroku
3. heroku create herokuSiteName
4. git remote -v (shows you the heroku remote)
In command line, in PROJECT folder - add DB to Heroku:
5. heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql
6. heroku config (shows database)
7. git push heroku master
In atom/text editor, in PROJECT folder - modify connection:
8. open atom - open knexfile.js
9. add production: Connection = heroku link + ?ssl=true
In command line, in PROJECT folder - migrate and seed the deployed DB:
10. knex migrate:latest --env production
11. knex seed:run - -env production
In command line, in PROJECT folder - add dotenv
12. npm install --save dotenv
In atom/text editor- set environment variables
13. create .env file
14. set DATABASE_URL=link
In atom/text editor- update app.js
15. require('dotenv').config()
var port = process.env.PORT || 3000
In atom/text editor, in knexfile.js modify connection:
16. add production: Connection = process.env.'var'
In atom/text editor- update query.js with config/environment:
17. const environment = process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development’
18. const config = require('../knexfile.js')[environment]
19. create .gitignore File:
Leave instructions for hooking up a DB to the project:
20. cp .env .env.example (for reaadme example)
21. Remove yoru data from .env.example
22. Add a comment to link the db in that file
23. git add, commit, push
24. git push heroku master
25. heroku open
26. if error: heroku logs
git push heroku dev:master
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