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package main
import (

Install Multiple Java Versions on macOS High Sierra

Install Homebrew Cask

On Mac, Homebrew is the de-facto package manager, and Homebrew Cask is the app manager. I’m going to use Cask to install Java 7 and 8.

Install Homebrew Cask first if you haven’t:

brew update
brew tap caskroom/cask
View ChainResponsibility.playground.swift
import UIKit
class AppDelegate {
var window: UIWindow?
//Chain of Resposability: Handler
protocol ErrorHandler {
var errorHandlerSuccessor: ErrorHandler? {get}
func handleError(error: Error)
View UIControl+ListenBlock.swift
import Foundation
import UIKit
extension UIControl {
func listen(_ action: @escaping () -> (), for controlEvents: UIControlEvents) -> AnyObject {
let sleeve = ClosureSleeve(attachTo: self, closure: action, controlEvents: controlEvents)
addTarget(sleeve, action: #selector(ClosureSleeve.invoke), for: controlEvents)
return sleeve
View RemoveAcentos.php
function removerAcentos( $string ) {
$mapaAcentosHex = array(
'a'=> '/[\xE0-\xE6]/',
'A'=> '/[\xE0-\xE6]/',
'e'=> '/[\xE8-\xEB]/',
'E'=> '/[\xE8-\xEB]/',
'i'=> '/[\xEC-\xEF]/',
View ios_locale_identifiers_feb2017.csv
localeIdentifier Description
eu Basque
hr_BA Croatian (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
en_CM English (Cameroon)
en_BI English (Burundi)
rw_RW Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)
ast Asturian
en_SZ English (Swaziland)
he_IL Hebrew (Israel)
ar Arabic
View emoji-console.swift
// set custom level strings to add color
let console = ConsoleDestination()
console.levelString.Verbose = "💜 VERBOSE"
console.levelString.Debug = "💚 DEBUG"
console.levelString.Info = "💙 INFO"
console.levelString.Warning = "💛 WARNING"
console.levelString.Error = "❤️ ERROR"
View stack.swift
lazy var v1:UIView = {
let v = UIView()
v.backgroundColor = .blueColor()
return v
lazy var v2:UIView = {
let v = UIView()
v.backgroundColor = .blueColor()
return v
View Results+Rx.swift
// Results+Rx.swift
// Make Realm auto-updating Results observable. Works with Realm 0.98 and later, RxSwift 2.1.0 and later.
// Created by Florent Pillet on 12/02/16.
// Copyright (c) 2016 Florent Pillet. All rights reserved.
import Foundation