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CISQ Quality Model
skinparam linetype poly
rectangle "Quality Dimension" {
agent Reliability
agent Security
agent Efficiency
agent Maintainability
agent Size
rectangle "Measurements" {
agent Standards
agent Practices
agent Complexity
agent Documentation
agent Portability
agent Volumes
note left of Volumes
* # of artefacts
* Function points
end note
note bottom of Portability
* HW, OS, software
component, DB dependencies
end note
note bottom of Documentation
* Code readability
* Architecture/program/
code-level docs
* Source file organisation
end note
note bottom of Complexity
* Transaction
* Algorithm
* Programming practices
* Dirty programming
end note
note bottom of Practices
* Error/exception handling
* Compliance with e.g. OO
structured programming
* Secure controls
end note
note right of Standards
* Layered design compliance
* Data access performance
* Coupling ratios
* Component reuse ratios
end note
Reliability -d-> Standards
Reliability -d-> Practices
Reliability -d-> Complexity
Security -d-> Standards
Security -d-> Practices
Efficiency -d-> Standards
Efficiency -d-> Practices
Maintainability -d-> Standards
Maintainability -d-> Practices
Maintainability -d-> Complexity
Maintainability -d-> Documentation
Maintainability -d-> Portability
Maintainability -d-> Volumes
Size -d-> Volumes
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