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@michikono /kue.js
Last active Dec 20, 2015

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module.exports = function (app, config, passport, express) {
var kue = require("kue");
var auth = express.basicAuth(function(user, pass, callback) {
var result = (user === 'username' && pass === 'password');
callback(null /* error */, result);
// any kue related settings can go here'title', 'Jobs');
// create a wrapper to add auth on since without it we can't globally wrap kue's paths
var subApp = express()
// add authentication
// re-add (but dont put it in its own folder)
// bind the subApp to the desired path
app.use('/secret_location/kue', subApp)
var app = express()
// needs to come early due to order mattering
require('./config/kue')(app, config, passport, express)
// express settings
require('./config/express')(app, config, passport)
// the rest of your routes, etc.
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