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Created March 19, 2023 19:21
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Track time spent in app: network-efficient case: App Active events
/// App singleton responsible for scheduling periodic background tasks for sending batches of
/// telemetry events.
pub struct TelemetryCollector {
server_api: Arc<ServerApi>,
impl TelemetryCollector {
pub fn new(server_api: Arc<ServerApi>) -> Self {
Self { server_api }
/// Schedules a background task to send an active usage event in a segment request if
/// telemetry is enabled. The scheduled task once again schedules itself after
fn schedule_send_active_usage_event(&self, ctx: &mut ModelContext<TelemetryCollector>) {
let server_api = self.server_api.clone();
let _ = ctx.spawn(
async move {
// Record app active if there was any activity now or right after the previous check
let last_active_timestamp = App::last_active_timestamp();
if last_active_timestamp + ACTIVE_USAGE_DURATION.as_secs() as i64
> Utc::now().timestamp()
if let LocalResult::Single(timestamp) =
Utc.timestamp_opt(last_active_timestamp, 0)
|me, _, ctx| me.schedule_send_active_usage_event(ctx),
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