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Project the average face onto the eigenspace in R.
# Projection of the average face onto the eigenvenctor space
# From a feature vector to a feature vector in the reduced feature space
proj_face_0 <- as.matrix(AverageFace[1, 2:4097]) %*% eigenvectors # for label 0
proj_face_1 <- as.matrix(AverageFace[2, 2:4097]) %*% eigenvectors # for label 1
proj_face_2 <- as.matrix(AverageFace[3, 2:4097]) %*% eigenvectors # for label 2
# Every face has different projection on eigenvector space.
# We can use these new fewer values for a classification task.
barplot(proj_face_0[2:20], main = "Projection of average face 0 on eigenvector space", col="cyan")
barplot(proj_face_1[2:20], main = "Projection of average face 1 on eigenvector space", col="red")
barplot(proj_face_2[2:20], main = "Projection of average face 2 on eigenvector space", col="blue")
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