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Mick Knutson mickknutson

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henriksommerfeld / Brewfile
Last active Apr 10, 2021
Brewfile for my MacBook
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tap "cjbassi/ytop"
tap "github/gh"
tap "homebrew/bundle"
tap "homebrew/cask"
tap "homebrew/cask-drivers"
tap "homebrew/cask-fonts"
tap "homebrew/cask-versions"
tap "homebrew/core"
tap "homebrew/services"
tap "koekeishiya/formulae"
ankurk91 /
Last active May 17, 2021
Mac OS 10.15 Apps and configs

macOS Apps

⚠️ No longer maintained! ⚠️


# Install x-code command line tools 
xcode-select --install

# Install homebrew iteself
SethCalkins /
Last active Apr 29, 2022
Little Snitch Script to block Ad Servers

Here is a script to take the hosts from From and convert them to rules for Little Snitch.

It has options to grab the entire list or grab new entries past a certain date.

Just grab the output and copy/paste into Little Snitch.

The script is written to block access to any process, any port. You can also delete those lines and it will only block Mail. Or use the options to enter any process, port or protocol you want to block.

itsmattsoria / gistfil1.textile
Last active Apr 4, 2022
Mac Terminal Cheat Sheet
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Key/Command Description
Tab Auto-complete files and folder names
Ctrl + A Go to the beginning of the line you are currently typing on
Ctrl + E Go to the end of the line you are currently typing on
Ctrl + U Clear the line before the cursor
Ctrl + K Clear the line after the cursor
Ctrl + W Delete the word before the cursor
Ctrl + T Swap the last two characters before the cursor
gordonad / pom.xml
Created Jul 4, 2012
Spring Best Practices Maven Pom
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<project xmlns=""