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Linux basic command cheatsheet for developers

Basic Linux Commands

Remote access to server using SSH

  1. Using username and password
    ssh user@hostname
    ssh user@ip
  2. Using a key file
    ssh -i /path/to/key/file.pem user@ip_or_hostname

Directory navigation commands

  • Print currenct directory
  • Change to specific directory
cd /path/to/directory

Listing of files

  1. List all the files in a directory
ls -l
  1. List the files including hidden
ls -la 
  1. List the files based on creation time
ls -lt

Directory commands

  1. Creating a directory
mkdir name-of-dir
  1. Deleting a directory ( works only when the directory is empty )
rmdir name-of-dir
  1. Delete the contents of a directory recursively ( Please use this with caution )
rm -rf directory/

vi editor commands

  1. Opening a file
vi filename
  1. Editing a file
Press <i> to start insert mode
  1. Saving a file
  1. Exiting the editor by ignoring the changes
  1. Quit the editor

Tailing a file

  • Continously tail a log file
tail -f filename
  • View the last n lines from the file
tail -n <number-of-lines> filename

Resource monitoring

  1. View the current processes, cpu and memory
  1. View the current free and available memory
free -m
  1. View the current mounts and free space
  1. View the size of the files and folders
du -sh * 

Making an API / webservice call using cURL

  1. Simple GET request
curl -X GET "http://server:port/api/endpoint"
  1. GET with headers
curl -H "Authorization:Basic xxxx" -X GET "http://server:port/api/endpoint"
  1. POST call with params
curl -H "Authorization: Basic xxx" -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" --data "grant_type=password&username=test&password=secret&client_id=trustedService" -X POST http://localhost:50002/oauth/token

Running a command continously

watch command 

Getting the network IP address or interface details


Find the process id using port number of application

lsof -i:portnumber

Killing a process

  1. Using process id ( gracefully )
kill -9 processid
  1. Kill by process name
killall processname

More Details

You can get more details on the above commands at the following link

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