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@miekg miekg/
Created Oct 24, 2019

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Simplify Grafana

Goal: a minimal grafana that is 100% provisioned via files. There is no U/I to add dashoards on the fly.

  • A (go?) package, contains structs that define the dasbhoards, either see what grafana has or cleanup:

  • Dashboard are put in folders and may have tags

  • Dashboards are defined in (minimal) YAML

  • Everything is defined on a per-dashboard basis - consistency is put in the generate dashboard layer.

  • Only support a subset of graphs:

    • graphPanel
    • tablePanel

    No: singlestats, alertlist

  • No plugins for new types of panels

  • No alerting

  • Right align the graphs on a page

  • No auto-reloading

  • Only support Prometheus

  • No user management; only allow anonymous access; everything is public.

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