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AWS Certification guide and notes on how to prepare for the aws associate certification architect, sysops and developer exams

AWS Certification notes

Those are my personal notes on AWS Solution Architect certification preparation. Hope you find them usefull.

To pass AWS certification, you should have:

  • Sound knowledge about most of the AWS services ( EC2, VPC, RDS, Cloudfront, S3, Route53 etc,)
  • Hands on experience with AWS services.
  • Good knowledge of disaster recovery, security and High availability architectures.

If you do not have prior hands-on experience and knowledge or you have little knowledge about AWS services, it is better to take an online course. If you already have experience in architecting solutions on AWS it is not necessary to take an online course.


  1. Get started
  2. Read the docs
  3. Courses & labs
  4. Videos
  5. Books
  6. Articles & guides

1. Get started with AWS free-tier account

Sign-up for the free-tier and test as much as you can for free. Play around the basic services, create lot's of resources and example apps on java, php, ruby or other platform.

2. Read all the docs

Read as much as you can the online documentation, including but not limited:

  • Whitepapers - Best practices, Security, Migration, Adoption, Business Value.
  • FAQ sections - Mostly for the core services as EC2, S3, ELB, Route53.
  • Official documentation - As well, read everything about the core services and as much as you can for the rest.
  • Videos - Watch some of the re:Invent and introductional videos.

3. Do lot's of labs & courses

  • qwikLab profile - Do as much as you can labs, especially the exam preparation ones.
  • Cloud Academy profile - Sign-up for the free 7 days trial and do the AWS learning paths and as much as quizzes as you can.
  • Linux Academy profile - Sign-up and do the AWS courses and again, as much as quizzes as you can.
  • [] ( profile - Easy to follow courses, also available on Udemy. The qiuzes sometimes contains questions outside of the course which might be frustrating, but very good videos.

4. Videos

5. Read books on the topic

6. Read additional materials, posts and articles

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Thanks for sharing!

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Pretty neat collection.

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Wow..... valuable resource...thank you soo much

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doviche commented Dec 13, 2021

Thanks for sharing!

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