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miguelarauj1o /
Created Jan 14, 2016 — forked from brandonb927/
OSX for Hackers: Yosemite Edition. This script tries not to be *too* opinionated and any major changes to your system require a prompt. You've been warned. Also, please don't email me about this script, my poor inbox...
# Alot of these configs have been taken from the various places
# on the web, most from here
# Set the colours you can use
  • Update HISTORY.rst
  • Commit the changes:
git add HISTORY.rst
git commit -m "Changelog for upcoming release 0.1.1."
  • Update version number (can also be minor or major)
bumpversion patch
import os
def filterAlpha(a):
return a.isalpha()
def generate(size) :
# files = ['desolation-row.txt', 'english.txt', 'storm-of-swords.txt', 'communist-manifesto.txt']
f = open('english.txt', 'r')
o = open('english'+str(size)+'.txt', 'w')
lines = f.readlines()
miguelarauj1o /
Created Dec 29, 2015 — forked from bishboria/
Springer have made a bunch of books available for free, here are the direct links