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@miguelfrde miguelfrde/binary.b
Last active Jan 4, 2016

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Brainfuck program to generate next binary number
- initial mark (FF)
read input 49 = 1 and 48 = 0 (q0)
>>,[>,<-------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- >]
- final mark (FF)
<[-<] change ones for zeros until a zero is found (q1)
+ change zero for one (q1 to q2)
< ignore all characters until FF is found (q2)
+ increase by one (ensures that the data pointer moves until FF is found)
[ if the byte at the data pointer is zero then FF was found
- it wasn't zero decrease it
< move left to check next bit
+ increase by one as before
] begin printing
>-[>-]+ ensure that no leading 0s are printed
+ increase by one to ensure that the byte at the data pointer is not FF
add 47 (to print the character as either 0 or 1)
++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ +++++++
. print character
> go to next character
+ add 1 as before
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