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Represent Reuters21578
from nltk import word_tokenize
from nltk.corpus import reuters
from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import TfidfVectorizer
from nltk.stem.porter import PorterStemmer
import re
from nltk.corpus import stopwords
cachedStopWords = stopwords.words("english")
def tokenize(text):
min_length = 3
words = map(lambda word: word.lower(), word_tokenize(text));
words = [word for word in words if word not in cachedStopWords]
tokens =(list(map(lambda token: PorterStemmer().stem(token), words)));
p = re.compile('[a-zA-Z]+');
filtered_tokens = list(filter(lambda token: p.match(token) and len(token)>=min_length, tokens));
return filtered_tokens
# Return the representer, without transforming
def tf_idf(docs):
tfidf = TfidfVectorizer(tokenizer=tokenize, min_df=3, max_df=0.90, max_features=1000, use_idf=True, sublinear_tf=True);;
return tfidf;
def feature_values(doc, representer):
doc_representation = representer.transform([doc])
features = representer.get_feature_names()
return [(features[index], doc_representation[0, index]) for index in doc_representation.nonzero()[1]]
def collection_stats():
# List of documents
documents = reuters.fileids()
print(str(len(documents)) + " documents");
train_docs = list(filter(lambda doc: doc.startswith("train"), documents));
print(str(len(train_docs)) + " total train documents");
test_docs = list(filter(lambda doc: doc.startswith("test"), documents));
print(str(len(test_docs)) + " total test documents");
# List of categories
categories = reuters.categories();
print(str(len(categories)) + " categories");
# Documents in a category
category_docs = reuters.fileids("acq");
# Words for a document
document_id = category_docs[0]
document_words = reuters.words(category_docs[0]);
# Raw document
def main():
train_docs = []
test_docs = []
for doc_id in reuters.fileids():
if doc_id.startswith("train"):
representer = tf_idf(train_docs);
for doc in test_docs:
print(feature_values(doc, representer))
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