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Polygonize a bag of lines
from sys import argv
from shapely.ops import polygonize
from shapely.geometry import asShape, LineString
import json
if __name__ == '__main__':
input = argv[1]
input = json.load(open(input))
lines = []
for feat in input['features']:
shape = asShape(feat['geometry'])
geoms = hasattr(shape, 'geoms') and shape.geoms or [shape]
for part in geoms:
coords = list(part.coords)
for (start, end) in zip(coords[:-1], coords[1:]):
lines.append(LineString([start, end]))
areas = polygonize(lines)
output = dict(type='FeatureCollection', features=[])
for (index, area) in enumerate(areas):
feature = dict(type='Feature', properties=dict(index=index))
feature['geometry'] = area.__geo_interface__
json.dump(output, open(argv[2], 'w'))
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