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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Python wrapper for openaddresses-conform
''' Python wrapper for openaddresses-conform.
Looks in /var/opt/openaddresses-conform for an index.js to run. Generates
all data in a temporary working directory, and does not use cached files.
from subprocess import Popen
from tempfile import mkdtemp
from os.path import realpath, join
from shutil import move, rmtree
source = 'us-ca-san_francisco'
source = 'us-ca-alameda_county'
srcjson = realpath('openaddresses/sources/{0}.json'.format(source))
workdir = mkdtemp(prefix='conform-')
destdir = 'tmp'
# Run openaddresses-conform from a fresh working directory.
# It tends to error silently and truncate data if it finds any existing
# data. Also, it wants to be able to write a file called ./tmp.csv.
errpath = join(destdir, source+'.stderr')
outpath = join(destdir, source+'.stdout')
with open(errpath, 'w') as stderr, open(outpath, 'w') as stdout:
index_js = '/var/opt/openaddresses-conform/index.js'
cmd_args = dict(cwd=workdir, stderr=stderr, stdout=stdout)
print 'node', index_js, '...'
cmd = Popen(('node', index_js, srcjson, workdir), **cmd_args)
with open(join(destdir, source+'.status'), 'w') as file:
print source, '-->', workdir
# Move resulting files to destination directory.
move(join(workdir, source+'.zip'), join(destdir, source+'.zip'))
print join(destdir, source+'.zip')
move(join(workdir, source, 'out.csv'), join(destdir, source+'.csv'))
print join(destdir, source+'.csv')
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