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Last active Jul 28, 2016
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Vagrant provision script and Upstart service files to install and run flanneld
description "flanneld Service"
author "Matthew Mihok"
env FLANNELD_HOME=/opt/flanneld-0.5.5
env LOG_HOME=/var/log/flannel
# Make sure network and fs is up, and start in runlevels 2-5
start on (net-device-up
and local-filesystems
and runlevel [2345])
# Stop in runlevels 0,1 and 6
stop on runlevel [016]
# automatically respawn, but if its respwaning too fast (5 times in 60 seconds, don't do that)
respawn limit 5 60
# make sure node is there, the code directory is there
pre-start script
test -x $FLANNELD_HOME/flanneld || { stop; exit 0; }
end script
# cd to code path and run node, with the right switches
export FLANNELD_IFACE="eth1"
export FLANNELD_ETCD_PREFIX="/network"
exec flanneld >> $LOG_HOME/flanneld.log 2>&1
end script
"Network": "",
"SubnetLen": 24,
"SubnetMin": "",
"SubnetMax": "",
"Backend": {
"Type": "udp"
set -x;
# Flannel
cd /opt/
# Download the release
curl -L -o flanneld-0.5.5.tar.gz
# Create the directory the binaries will live in
mkdir /opt/flanneld-0.5.5
# Extract the contents of the release
tar -zxvf flanneld-0.5.5.tar.gz -C flanneld-0.5.5 --strip-components=1
# Make symlinks so we can access the binaries
ln -s /opt/flanneld-0.5.5/flanneld /usr/local/bin/flanneld
# Copy our Upstart script
cp /vagrant/flanneld.conf /etc/init/flanneld.conf
# Create flannel's logging directory
mkdir /var/log/flannel
chown vagrant:vagrant /var/log/flannel
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