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Enable fuzziness for all Elasticsearch plaintext queries in Wagtail
"""Elasticsearch backend that enables fuzzy search to all plaintext queries."""
from import (Elasticsearch6SearchBackend,
class ElasticsearchQueryCompilerWithFuzziness(Elasticsearch6SearchQueryCompiler):
Copy of Elasticsearch6SearchQueryCompiler class with a modified default query.
Adds the "fuzziness" parameter to all queries so that we can return inexact
matches for misspellings, etc.
Elasticsearch docs on fuzziness:
def _compile_plaintext_query(self, *args, **kwargs): # pylint: disable=W0221
"""Add the `fuzziness` parameter to all `match` & `match_multi` queries."""
query = super()._compile_plaintext_query(*args, **kwargs)
# The query is a dictionary with one key for the query type.
# Either "match" or "match_multi"
query_type = list(query.keys())[0]
query[query_type]['fuzziness'] = 'AUTO'
return query
class CustomSearchBackend(Elasticsearch6SearchBackend):
"""Copy of the Elasticsearch6SearchBackend with a custom query class."""
query_compiler_class = ElasticsearchQueryCompilerWithFuzziness
SearchBackend = CustomSearchBackend
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demonshreder commented Aug 29, 2020

This helped me out with fuzziness, thanks a lot. Is there anyway to mainline this to the wagtail docs?

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