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mikavilpas / foo.el
Created January 2, 2016 16:20
Emacs Fsharp-mode company complete proof of concept
(defun fsharp-ac/electric-dot ()
(unless (company-in-string-or-comment)
(define-key evil-insert-state-map (kbd "<f12>")
(lambda ()
(defun endless/indent-defun ()
"Indent current defun.
Do nothing if mark is active (to avoid deactivaing it), or if
buffer is not modified (to avoid creating accidental
(unless (or (region-active-p)
(define-key evil-insert-state-map (kbd "C-k") 'nil)
(define-key global-map (kbd "C-k") 'lispy-kill)
(defun my-remove-lispy-key (key)
(define-key lispy-mode-map-base key nil)
(define-key lispy-mode-map-lispy key nil)
(define-key lispy-mode-map-oleh key nil)
(define-key lispy-mode-map-paredit key nil)
(define-key lispy-mode-map-special key nil)
(define-key lispy-mode-map-x key nil))
(require 'prodigy)
;; omnisharp-emacs development hacks
(setenv "PATH" (concat (getenv "PATH")
(defmacro def-omnisharp-service (name command &optional args-to-command)
(let ((omni-dir "/home/mika/git/omnisharp-emacs/"))