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Created October 10, 2012 14:25
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http Share With Trace (golang)
File : httpShareWithTrace.go
Author : Mike
E-Mail :
package main
import (
type TraceHandler struct {
h http.Handler
func (r TraceHandler) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request) {
println("get",req.URL.Path," from ",req.RemoteAddr)
r.h.ServeHTTP(w, req)
func main() {
port := "8080"//Default port
iflen(os.Args)>1 { port = strings.Join(os.Args[1:2],"")}
h := http.FileServer(http.Dir("."))
http.Handle("/", TraceHandler{h})
println("Listening on port ",port,"...")
log.Fatal("ListenAndServe: ", http.ListenAndServe(":"+port, nil))
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