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Created Jun 9, 2009
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# Web Testing with Windmill
This talk will discuss different web testing strategies, tools, and getting you up and writing windmill tests.
## Approaches
* Separating Concerns, Isolating Components
* Unittesting vs Functional Testing
* Full Monty (blurring the lines between unittesting and funcitonal testing)
## Tools and Technologies
* Browserless tools (HTTP tools, Browser simulation, DOMless JavaScript Interpreters)
* Browser tools (Watir, Selenium, Windmill)
## Writing Windmill Tests
* Starting Windmill
* The Windmill IDE
* Using the recorder
* Adding actions and assertions
* Using the Inspector
* Serializing your test (Python vs JavaScript Tests)
## Debugging Windmill Tests
* Running tests
* Debugging Failed Actions
* Firebug and Firebug Lite
* Using the Lookup object
## Running Tests Continuously
* Command Line Features
* Hudson Plugin
* Getting Windmill running in hosted environments like EC2
## And now for something completely different
* Dynamic testing (Windmill's eval APIs)
* Testing Firefox Extensions (MozMill)
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