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Last active Jul 18, 2017
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Potentially a better way to design streaming byte storage.
// Byte Storage as Content Addressable Storage
class ByteStorage {
async set (key, value) async {
// Send to temporary storage w/ random UUID
let tmpfile = randomFile()
let p1 = send(value, tmpfile)
// Also stream the value to a hasher
let p2 = send(value, /* streaming hashing function */ )
let values = await Promise.all(p1, p2)
moveFile(tmpfile, values[1])
return values[1]
async get (key) {
return readFileFilesystem(key)
// Building a higher order store w/ human readable names on top.
class FriendlyStore {
constructor () {
this.byteStorage = new ByteStorage()
this.idb = new IDB() // IDB w/ promises
async set (key, value) {
let oldkey = await this.idb.get(key)
let newkey = await this.byteStorage.set(value)
if (oldkey === null || oldkey === newkey) {
return await this.idb.set(key, newkey)
} else {
throw new Error('Update Conflict')
async get (key) {
let hash = await this.idb.get(key)
return this.byteStorage.get(hash)
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mikeal commented Jul 18, 2017

A complete implementation of a content addressable store on the filesystem is here: although it doesn't use promises :)

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