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Thundra online debugging SAM template updates
diff --git a/chapter5-api/template.yaml b/chapter5-api/template.yaml
index 7c6e0a5..b47084a 100755
--- a/chapter5-api/template.yaml
+++ b/chapter5-api/template.yaml
@@ -41,6 +41,13 @@ Resources:
CodeUri: target/
Handler: book.api.WeatherQueryLambda::handler
+ Timeout: 300
+ Layers:
+ - !Sub arn:aws:lambda:${AWS::Region}:269863060030:layer:thundra-lambda-java-layer:42
+ Runtime: provided
+ Environment:
+ Variables:
+ thundra_agent_lambda_debugger_auth_token: "****************"
- DynamoDBReadPolicy:
TableName: !Ref LocationsTable
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