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query for final grades in moodle
select mc.shortname as course_Id,mu.username,
case when ABS(ROUND(mgg.finalgrade, 0) - mgg.finalgrade) <= 0.0000005 then cast(mgg.finalgrade as text) else 'Pending...' end as final_grade,
from mdl_grade_grades mgg
join mdl_user mu on
join mdl_user_enrolments mue on
join mdl_grade_items mgi on
join mdl_course mc on
join mdl_enrol me on and
join mdl_role_assignments mra on
join mdl_role mr on
where mc.category = '1' and -- = '1'; id=1 => name='Spring 2012' as an example
mr.shortname='student' and -- only get people enrolled with a 'student' role in the course
mgi.itemname ilike '%Final%Grade%'; --anything with 'final' and 'grade' in it regardless of case and surrounding text
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