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Drupal 8 - Steps to create a new paragraph
  1. Create paragraphs
  2. People > Permissions
  • View content: "Gast" and "Angemeldete Benutzer" ("Guests" and "Authenticated users")
  1. Create Image style
  • S, M, L, L 2x Image Style Name S / Image Style Name M / Image Style Name L / Image Style Name L 2x
  1. Create Responsive Image Style
  • apply the breakpoints
  1. Add fields to the parent paragraph
  2. Manage form display
  • Parent paragraph:
    • if list of children paragraphs: "Paragraphs classic" + settings "Edit Mode: Closed" (for collapsable elements)
  • Child paragraph:
    • if Media: "Widget: Media Library" >
  1. Manage display (if a media field)
  • Format: "Responsive Media Image" > "Responsive image style: <THE ONE CREATED IN POINT 4."
  1. Translate the paragraphs and their fields: "Configuration" > "Regional and language" > ":"Content language and translation"
  • Check the box next to the newly created paragraphs
  • Parent: do NOT check the box next to the field of the children paragraphs
  1. Edit content type "Basic Page": "Manage Fields" > "Site Builder"
  • Check the box of the parent paragraph newly created
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