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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Probe API
type Probe struct {
HTTPGet *HTTPGetAction `json:"httpGet,omitempty"`
TCPSocket *TCPSocketAction `json:"tcpSocket,omitempty"`
Exec *ExecAction `json:"exec,omitempty"`
type LivenessProbe struct {
Probe `json:",inline"`
InitialDelaySeconds int64 `json:"initialDelaySeconds,omitempty"`
type ReadinessProbe struct {
Probe `json:",inline"`
TimeoutSeconds int64 `json:"timeoutSeconds,omitempty"`
FrequencySeconds int64 `json:"frequencySeconds,omitempty"`
UnhealthyThreshold int64 `json:"unhealthyThreshold,omitempty"`
HealthyThreshold int64 `json:"healthyThreshold,omitempty"`
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