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CodeIgniter Checkbox Helper

Checkbox Helper

Just a tiny helper to help with checkboxes. When you uncheck a checkbox, it's value does not get sent in the form values. Instead of telling CodeIgniter you want to set this value to 0, it says "don't change it." This fixes that, one by one, by setting the value of the associated $_POST array item to zero. You can also pass in an array of checkbox names and it will do each one.



// set post values to zero for unchecked boxes
fix_unchecked(['is_active', 'is_enabled', 'is_verified']);
<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
* @author Mike Funk
* @link
* @email
* @file checkbox.php
* checkbox value fixer. If a checkbox is not checked, sets it's value
* to zero.
* @param mixed $name the checkbox form field name. Can be passed as a
* string or as an array.
* @return void
function fix_unchecked($name)
if (!is_array($name)) {$name = array($name);}
foreach ($name as $item)
if (!$this->input->post($item)) {$_POST[$item] = 0;}
/* End of file checkbox.php */
/* Location: ./application/helpers/checkbox.php */

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pporlan commented Jan 8, 2014

Nice and useful snippet, I have modified it to use $CI instead of $this, and also check if there has been a POST request.

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