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Potential maptimeLEX topics for Guerrilla Cartography, Water: An Atlas
- water scarcity
- fishing regions
- three dimensional view of life in a oceanic body (
- water polo, what happened? Why the helmets?
- That race that the Oracle guy loves so much. Vectors.
- Colorado (basin(?))
- that one river that goes into Texas and Mexico
- ownership
- shipping lanes
- political shipping lanes (by nation)
- marina trench, what about the other trenches?
- those big ice cubes. how they move.
- mars and shit
- water table and hydraulic fracking
Pop Culture
- what's the deal with bottled water?
- watershed moments in history

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@maptastik maptastik commented Jul 16, 2015

I'm thinking watershed moments in history aggregated by watershed would be pretty good. Could make for a nice TurfJS use case.

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