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@mikedmcfarland mikedmcfarland/js.el
Last active Aug 15, 2016

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js toggle implementation
(defun js-jump-to (current from to format-name)
(cl-loop with parts = (reverse current)
with fname = (file-name-sans-extension (cl-first parts))
for (name . rest) on (cl-rest parts)
until (string-equal name from)
collect name into names
finally (cl-return
(mapconcat 'identity
(nconc (reverse rest)
(list to)
(reverse names)
(list (funcall format-name fname) )) "/" )))))
(defun js-format-impl-name (fname)
(format "%s.js" (replace-regexp-in-string "Spec" "" fname)))
(defun js-format-test-name (fname)
(format "%sSpec.js" fname))
(defun js-jump-to-implementation-or-test ()
(let ((current (split-string (buffer-file-name) "/")))
((member "test" current) (js-jump-to current "test" "lib" 'js-format-impl-name))
((member "lib" current) (js-jump-to current "lib" "test" 'js-format-test-name))
(t (error "not within a test or lib directory"))

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fhdhsni commented Aug 15, 2016

├── src
│   └── js
│       └── foo.js
└── test
      └── foo_test.js

Hi Mike. As you can see my project tree is different. Could you please help me to make this work for me? I don't know lisp. Thank you

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