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Last active January 22, 2022 16:44
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STLToday Paywall Bookmarklet

The Paywall Busting Bookmarklet

To sneak past the STLToday paywall you need to do the following (I'm assuming you're using Google Chrome, but the same basics will work on any PC browser.)

  1. Go to

  2. Create a bookmark of that page.

  3. Edit the bookmark.

  4. Set the name to be "STLToday Fix" or "I Hate Paywalls" or "Magic!" or whatever.

  5. Copy the following and paste it as the URL of the bookmark:

javascript:javascript:document.querySelector('#lee-subscription-wall').remove();document.querySelector('body').style.overflow="auto";document.querySelectorAll('.modal-backdrop')[0].remove();void 0

Now, when you run in to the paywall, just open your bookmarks and click this one.

Bugs, thoughts, comments, discussion: @thatmikeflynn

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