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A global vim configuration on Ubuntu that uses Vundle. Just put it in /etc/vim/vimrc.local and follow the instructions
" /etc/vim/vimrc.local V1.1.12 2019-07-30
" A Vundle based Vim configuration with globally shared plugins on Ubuntu.
" This is a Vundle based Vim setup that keeps all plugins in a global
" directory, namely /etc/vim/bundle. It's trimmed towards PHP development
" with Yii.
" Before you install, make sure you have a ruby enabled vim. On fresh Ubuntu you can do:
" sudo apt-get install vim-gtk
" Installation:
" mkdir /etc/vim/bundle
" git clone /etc/vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
" echo | echo | vim +PluginInstall +qall &>/dev/null
" Brief help
" :PluginList - list configured bundles
" :PluginInstall(!) - install(update) bundles
" :PluginSearch(!) foo - search(or refresh cache first) for foo
" :PluginClean(!) - confirm(or auto-approve) removal of unused bundles
" Shared plugin setup for Vundle
filetype off " required by Vundle (re-enabled below)
set rtp+=/etc/vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
call vundle#begin('/etc/vim/bundle') " Use a shared folder instead of ~/.vimrc/bundle
" Vundle plugins
Plugin 'VundleVim/Vundle.vim'
" Styling
Plugin 'guns/xterm-color-table.vim'
Plugin 'vim-airline/vim-airline'
Plugin 'vim-airline/vim-airline-themes'
Plugin 'CSApprox'
Plugin 'Colour-Sampler-Pack'
" Movement
Plugin 'Lokaltog/vim-easymotion'
Plugin 'vim-scripts/'
" Files & Search
Plugin 'sjbach/lusty'
Plugin 'The-NERD-tree'
" Editing utilities
Plugin 'tpope/vim-surround'
Plugin 'tpope/vim-repeat'
" Git
Plugin 'tpope/vim-fugitive'
" PHP / Yii
Plugin 'mikehaertl/pdv-standalone'
Plugin 'StanAngeloff/php.vim'
Plugin '2072/PHP-Indenting-for-VIm'
" Other Syntax / Indenting
Plugin 'pangloss/vim-javascript'
Plugin 'chr4/nginx.vim'
Plugin 'plasticboy/vim-markdown'
Plugin 'groenewege/vim-less'
" Help
Plugin 'powerman/vim-plugin-viewdoc'
" To activate add project specific .vimrc with
" set runtimepath+=/etc/vim/bundle/yii2-apidoc-vim
Plugin 'mikehaertl/yii-api-vim', {'rtp': 'none'}
Plugin 'mikehaertl/yii2-apidoc-vim', {'rtp': 'none'}
" End of Vundle plugins
call vundle#end() " required
" General
set nocompatible " get out of horrible vi-compatible mode
set history=50 " How many lines of history to remember
set confirm " Ask for confirmation in some situations (:q)
set ignorecase smartcase " case insensitive search, except when mixing cases
set modeline " we allow modelines in textfiles to set vim settings
set hidden " allows to change buffer without saving
set mouse=a " enable mouse in all modes
set noerrorbells " don't make noise
set novisualbell " don't blink
set t_Co=256 " Enable 256 color mode
set exrc " Scan working dir for .vimrc
" File settings
set encoding=utf-8 " Let Vim use utf-8 internally
set fileencoding=utf-8 " Default for new files
set termencoding=utf-8 " Terminal encoding
set fileformats=unix,dos,mac " support all three, in this order
set fileformat=unix " default file format
" Enable filetype detection by extension and content. This sets the filetype
" option (check with ':set ft?') and triggers the FileType event (see autocmd
" below). The below command enables:
" - plugin: load ft specific plugin (e.g. ~rtp/plugin/php.vim)
" - indent: load ft specific indent file (e.g. ~rtp/indent/php.vim)
filetype plugin indent on
" Enable syntax highlighting (based on detected filetype)
syntax on
" When editing a file, always jump to the last cursor position.
autocmd BufReadPost * if line("'\"") && line("'\"") <= line("$") | exe "normal `\"" | endif
" Set some file types by extension
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.xt,*.xd setf xml
autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.tpl,*.page setf html
" Global indent settings
set tabstop=4 softtabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 expandtab
" Indenting per file type
" - tabstop: number of spaces inserted for each tab
" - softtabstop: make spaces feel like real tabs (e.g. for backspace)
" - shiftwidth: number of spaces for indentation (e.g. > and < )
" - expandtab: use spaces instaed of Tab. <c-v><TAB> gives real Tab
" - autoindent: keep indenting of previous line
autocmd FileType php setlocal tabstop=4 softtabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 expandtab autoindent
autocmd FileType javascript setlocal tabstop=2 softtabstop=2 shiftwidth=2 expandtab
autocmd FileType json setlocal tabstop=2 softtabstop=2 shiftwidth=2 expandtab
" PHP settings
" Let the surround plugin use `-` for <?php ?>
autocmd FileType php let b:surround_45 = "<?php \r ?>"
" Let the surround plugin use `=` for <?= ?>
autocmd FileType php let b:surround_61 = "<?= \r ?>"
" Fix javascript word boundaries (erratically activated for PHP files): exclude $
autocmd FileType php setlocal iskeyword-=$
" Function for autodetecting tab settings
function Kees_settabs()
if len(filter(getbufline(winbufnr(0), 1, "$"), 'v:val =~ "^\\t"')) > len(filter(getbufline(winbufnr(0), 1, "$"), 'v:val =~ "^ "'))
set noet
set et
autocmd BufReadPost * call Kees_settabs()
" No folding for markdown files
let g:vim_markdown_folding_disabled=1
" UI/Colors
set wildmenu " Show suggestions on TAB for some commands
set ruler " Always show current positions along the bottom
set cmdheight=1 " the command bar is 1 high
set number " turn on line numbers
"set nonumber " turn off line numbers (problematic with cut&paste)
set lazyredraw " do not redraw while running macros (much faster)
set backspace=indent,eol,start " make backspace work normal
set whichwrap+=<,>,h,l " make cursor keys and h,l wrap over line endings
set report=0 " always report how many lines where changed
set fillchars=vert:\ ,stl:\ ,stlnc:\ " make the splitters between windows be blank
set laststatus=2 " always show the status line
set scrolloff=10 " Start scrolling this number of lines from top/bottom
colorscheme darkspectrum
let g:airline_theme='sol'
let g:airline_theme_patch_func = 'AirlineThemePatch'
function! AirlineThemePatch(palette)
if g:airline_theme == 'sol'
" Current tab should always have hightes optical priority, so don't use
" redish colors for modified tabs
" Color for current tab if modified (darkened blue)
let a:palette.tabline.airline_tabmod[3] = 30
" Color for modified (grey
let a:palette.normal_modified.airline_c[3] = 244
" Text Formatting/Tab settings
set formatoptions=tcrqn " autowrap and comments (see :h 'fo-table)
set autoindent " keep indent on next line and make BS work with indenting
set wrap " wrap lines that exceed screen
set smarttab " Make Tab work fine with spaces
set showmatch " show matching brackets
set matchtime=5 " tenths of a second to blink matching brackets
set hlsearch " highlight search phrase matches (reset with :noh)
set incsearch " do highlight as you type you search phrase
set list " show tabs, trailings spaces, ...
set listchars=tab:\|\ ,trail:.,extends:>,precedes:<
" Plugin Settings
" vim-airline/vim-airline
"let g:airline_section_b = '%b 0x%B'
"let g:airline_section_b = airline#section#create_right(['fileencoding','fileformat'])
let g:airline_section_b = airline#section#create_right(['tagbar', 'gutentags', 'grepper', 'filetype'])
let g:airline_section_x = '%b 0x%B'
let g:airline#extensions#tabline#enabled = 1 " Enhanced top tabline
let g:airline#extensions#tabline#buffer_nr_show = 1 " Show buffer number in tabline
let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 1 " Use powerline fonts (requires local font)
" vim-scripts/matchit
let b:match_ignorecase = 1
" tpope/vim-surround
let g:surround_indent = 0 " Make indenting on block selection + S work
" StanAngeloff/php.vim
let php_sql_query = 1 " Highlight SQL inside strings
let php_parent_error_close = 1 " Highlight parent error ] or )
let php_parent_error_open = 1 " Skip php end tag if there's an unclosed ( or [
let php_folding = 0 " No folding
let php_sync_method = 0 " Sync from start
" 2072/PHP-Indenting-for-VIm
let g:PHP_outdentphpescape = 0 " Indent PHP tags as the surrounding non-PHP code
let g:PHP_noArrowMatching = 1 " Don't align arrows of chained method calls
let g:PHP_vintage_case_default_indent = 1 " Indent case: and default: in switch()
" viewdoc
let g:viewdoc_open = 'new' " Open docs in new window
let g:viewdoc_openempty = 0 " No new window if no help found
" Custom help handler that tries Yii help and PHP help, in this order.
" Note: PHP help requires sudo pear install
function ViewDoc_pman_custom(topic, filetype, synid, ctx)
let l:tagpath = '/etc/vim/bundle/yii2-apidoc-vim/doc/tags'
let l:shell = printf('grep %s %s', shellescape(a:topic,1), l:tagpath)
let l:output = system(l:shell)
if !v:shell_error
return g:ViewDoc_help(a:topic, a:filetype, a:synid, a:ctx)
return g:ViewDoc_pman_old(a:topic, a:filetype, a:synid, a:ctx)
autocmd VimEnter * let g:ViewDoc_pman_old = g:ViewDoc_pman
autocmd VimEnter * let g:ViewDoc_pman = function('ViewDoc_pman_custom')
autocmd VimEnter * let g:ViewDoc_php = function('ViewDoc_pman_custom')
" Abbreviate :viewDoc as :h
cnoreabbrev <expr> h ((getcmdtype() is# ':' && getcmdline() is# 'h')?('ViewDocHelp!'):('h'))
" Key Mappings
let mapleader = "," " Map <leader> to , instead of default \
" ESC is 'jj', typed quickly (:help 'timeout')
imap jj <Esc>
" Don't use Ex mode, use Q for formatting
map Q gq
" Use cp{motion} to replace {motion} with unnamed register content
nmap <silent> cp :set opfunc=ChangePaste<CR>g@
function! ChangePaste(type, ...)
silent exe "normal! `[v`]\"_c"
silent exe "normal! p"
" Use <tab> instead of % to match brackets
nnoremap <tab> %
vnoremap <tab> %
" Make p in Visual mode replace the selected text with the "" register.
vnoremap p <Esc>:let current_reg = @"<CR>gvdi<C-R>=current_reg<CR><Esc>
" Toggle paste mode (no autoindenting) with F11
set pastetoggle=<F11>
" use <C-[jl]> to switch to prev/next buffer
noremap <C-j> :bp<CR>
noremap <C-l> :bn<CR>
" PDV (PHP Documentor)
nnoremap <C-K> :call PhpDocSingle()<CR>
vnoremap <C-K> :call PhpDocRange()<CR>
" Show NERDtree on F8
noremap <silent> <F8> :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
" Show LustyExplorer on ",f", ",r", ",g"
noremap <leader>f :LustyFilesystemExplorer<CR>
noremap <leader>r :LustyFilesystemExplorerFromHere<CR>
noremap <leader>g :LustyBufferGrep<CR>
" Tagbar on _
nmap <silent> _ :TagbarToggle<CR>
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