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WooCommerce - remove payment method from emails
<?php // Do not include this if already open!
* Code goes in theme functions.php.
add_filter( 'woocommerce_get_order_item_totals', 'custom_woocommerce_get_order_item_totals' );
function custom_woocommerce_get_order_item_totals( $totals ) {
unset( $totals['payment_method'] );
return $totals;
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Drugoy commented Sep 20, 2016

Payment method is listed twice in emails, the above code removes only the one from the table, but there still remains this string: 'Pay with cash upon delivery.' above that table.
Do you, by any chance, know how to remove that string as well?

p.s.: thank you for your gists, Mike!

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Here is an answer for you after 4 years. The text you mentioned can be updated from the payment gateway settings page.

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Drugoy commented Oct 22, 2020

@getmanzooronline, Thanks for the answer. But updating text is not the same as removing the item altogether.

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