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Dom Fundamentals Part 1: Display

Dom Fundamentals Part 1: Display


Normal flow and display:inline

  • display:inline things work like text
  • <img> elements are technically display:inline by default. But that's dumb
  • To center a display:inline element, put text-align:center on the parent
  • width and height don't work on display:inline things (except for <img>, but that's special)

Normal flow: the "textiness" of the DOM -- the way in which it's like a Word doc:


display: block

  • it takes up a whole like, row on its own
  • it always gets busted onto the next line
  • you center it differently

display: inline-block

  • like display:inline
  • except that width and height actually work even if it's not an image
  • you center it just like display:inline things
  • like display:inline, but by default if you don't set a width/height, it stretches to fit the contents
  • basically it's in the normal flow

image image

what about vertical centering? aka "middling"?

  • if the thing you're trying to center is just text only, that text doesn't wrap, and the element is a set height, then you can set a line-height of that set height and vertical-align:middle; on the element (or parent). (This is good for e.g. buttons)
  • otherwise, to vertically center arbitrary shit with a variable height, you can use display: table-cell and use display:table on the parent.

Next time

Next time: we'll talk about flexbox and when it'd be worth it to use that

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