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replace authorization.js in the sockets hook with this to test what slow connections look like
module.exports = function(sails) {
* Module dependencies.
var cookie = require('express/node_modules/cookie'),
parseSignedCookie = require('express/node_modules/connect').utils.parseSignedCookie,
ConnectSession = require('express/node_modules/connect').middleware.session.Session;
* Fired after a socket is connected
return function socketAttemptingToConnect (handshake, accept) {
// artificially slow down socket connection:
var _accept = accept;
accept = function () {
var args =;
setTimeout(function () {
_accept.apply(null, args);
}, 1500);
sails.log.verbose('Socket is trying to connect...');
// If a cookie override was provided in the query string, use it.
// (e.g. ?cookie=sails.sid=a4g8dsgajsdgadsgasd)
if (handshake.query.cookie) {
handshake.headers.cookie = handshake.query.cookie;
// Parse and decrypt cookie and save it in the handshake
if (!handshake.headers.cookie) {
return socketConnectionError(accept,
'No cookie transmitted with connection. ' +
'Are you trying to access your Sails.js server via on a 3rd party domain? ' +
'If you\'re ok with losing users\' session data, you can set `authorization: false` to disable cookie-checking. ' +
'Or you can send a JSONP request first from the client to the Sails.js server to get the cookie ' +
'(be sure it\'s the same domain!!)',
'No cookie transmitted with connection.'
// Decrypt cookie into session id using session secret
// Maintain sessionID in socket so that the session can be queried before processing each incoming message
handshake.cookie = cookie.parse(handshake.headers.cookie);
handshake.sessionID = parseSignedCookie(handshake.cookie[sails.config.session.key], sails.config.session.secret);
// Get session
sails.session.get(handshake.sessionID, function(err, session) {
// An error occurred, so refuse the connection
if(err) {
return socketConnectionError(accept,
'Error loading session from! \n' + err,
'Error loading session from!');
// Cookie is present, but doesn't correspond to a known session
// So generate a new session to match it.
else if (!session) {
handshake.session = new ConnectSession(handshake, {
cookie: {
// Prevent access from client-side javascript
httpOnly: true
sails.log.verbose("Generated new session for socket....", handshake);
accept(null, true);
// Parsed cookie matches a known session- onward!
else {
// Create a session object, passing our just-acquired session handshake
handshake.session = new ConnectSession(handshake, session);
sails.log.verbose("Connected socket to existing session....");
accept(null, true);
* Fired when an internal server error occurs while authorizing the socket
function socketConnectionError (accept, devMsg, prodMsg) {
var msg;
if (sails.config.environment === 'development') {
msg = devMsg;
else msg = prodMsg;
return accept(msg, false);
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