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Last active Jan 9, 2019

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PHP module for use in WordPress to display Bibblio v3.9 related posts element.

The code in feature-bibblio-related-posts.php does not work and I think there is a bug in Bibblio's JS file.

prepareModuleOptions() calls getCustomUniqueIdentifierFromUrl() but does not pass it the options argument.

Note: feature-bibblio-related-posts.php is using a very thin framework called RPLib that I wrote. It auto-loads "modules" where different type modules have different traits available.

// A WordPress template example
<h1>This is how you might call this Bibblio module:</h1>
Bibblio::LAYOUT => Bibblio::COLUMN3_LAYOUT,
Bibblio::FONT => Bibblio::TAHOMA_FONT,
Bibblio::SEPARATE_TEXT => true,
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