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// Define gulp before we start
var gulp = require('gulp');
// Define Sass and the autoprefixer
var sass = require('gulp-sass');
var prefix = require('gulp-autoprefixer');
// This is an object which defines paths for the styles.
// Can add paths for javascript or images for example
// The folder, files to look for and destination are all required for sass
var paths = {
styles: {
src: './app/Admin/assets/sass',
files: './app/Admin/assets/sass/**/*.scss',
dest: './public/css/admin'
// A display error function, to format and make custom errors more uniform
// Could be combined with gulp-util or npm colors for nicer output
var displayError = function(error) {
// Initial building up of the error
var errorString = '[' + error.plugin + ']';
errorString += ' ' + error.message.replace("\n",''); // Removes new line at the end
// If the error contains the filename or line number add it to the string
errorString += ' in ' + error.fileName;
errorString += ' on line ' + error.lineNumber;
// This will output an error like the following:
// [gulp-sass] error message in file_name on line 1
// Setting up the sass task
gulp.task('sass', function (){
// Taking the path from the above object
// Sass options - make the output compressed and add the source map
// Also pull the include path from the paths object
outputStyle: 'compressed',
sourceComments: 'map',
includePaths : [paths.styles.src]
// If there is an error, don't stop compiling but use the custom displayError function
.on('error', function(err){
// Pass the compiled sass through the prefixer with defined
'last 2 version', 'safari 5', 'ie 8', 'ie 9', 'opera 12.1', 'ios 6', 'android 4'
// Funally put the compiled sass into a css file
// This is the default task - which is run when `gulp` is run
// The tasks passed in as an array are run before the tasks within the function
gulp.task('default', ['sass'], function() {
// Watch the files in the paths object, and when there is a change, fun the functions in the array, ['sass'])
// Also when there is a change, display what file was changed, only showing the path after the 'sass folder'
.on('change', function(evt) {
'[watcher] File ' + evt.path.replace(/.*(?=sass)/,'') + ' was ' + evt.type + ', compiling...'
"devDependencies": {
"gulp": "^3.5.5",
"gulp-sass": "^0.7.1",
"gulp-autoprefixer": "~0.0.3",
"gulp-minify-css": "0.1.0",
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cmac1000 commented May 23, 2014

Ah, this is great. Thanks for putting this up!

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gotpop commented Jun 26, 2014

Sweet! .... look out for the extra comma on the end of the package.json

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restlessmedia commented Oct 12, 2014

This is nice work, thanks for sharing.

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