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Cold Turkey Blocker Activator
import json
import sqlite3
import os
DB_PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Cold Turkey/data-app.db"
def activate():
conn = sqlite3.connect(DB_PATH)
c = conn.cursor()
s = c.execute("SELECT value FROM settings WHERE key = 'settings'").fetchone()[0]
dat = json.loads(s)
if dat["additional"]["proStatus"] != "pro":
print("Your version of Cold Turkey Blocker is not activated.")
dat["additional"]["proStatus"] = "pro"
print("But now it is activated.\nPlease close Cold Turkey Blocker and run again it.")
c.execute("""UPDATE settings SET value = ? WHERE "key" = 'settings'""", (json.dumps(dat),))
print("Looks like your copy of Cold Turkey Blocker is already activated.")
print("Deactivating it now.")
dat["additional"]["proStatus"] = "free"
c.execute("""UPDATE settings set value = ? WHERE "key" = 'settings'""", (json.dumps(dat),))
except sqlite3.Error as e:
print("Failed to activate", e)
if conn:
def main():
if os.path.exists(DB_PATH):
print("Data file found.\nLet's activate your copy of Cold Turkey Blocker.")
print("Looks like Cold Turkey Blocker is not installed.\n If it is installed then run it at least once.")
if __name__ == '__main__':
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yuridevnba commented Jun 14, 2022

oi, esse arquivo é para ter uma chave de ativação do cold turkey block?

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yuridevnba commented Jun 14, 2022

sou estudante de TI primeiro período, tô perdido como faço isso, se vc puder dá uma ajudada, já instalei o vscode e o phyton, mas n estou conseguindo,

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