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Michael Duane Mooring mikeumus

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function pullKeys(obj, results, path) {
var breadcrumb = path;
for (var prop in obj) {
if (obj.hasOwnProperty(prop)) {
// path = breadcrumb ? breadcrumb ? path : prop : path;
// console.log('\n\n path: \n', path, '\n\n');
if (typeof obj[prop] === "object") {
path = path ? breadcrumb ? breadcrumb += `.${prop}` : path += `.${prop}` : prop;
pullKeys(obj[prop], results, path);
} else {
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plugins: [
meteor npm install --save @babel/runtime simpl-schema react lodash accounting-js later i18next react-router-dom react-router history path-to-regexp query-parse immutable react-dom handlebars nodemailer-wellknown node-fetch sharp connect body-parser connect-route libphonenumber-js transliteration slugify node-geocoder fibers deep-diff prerender-node cors express apollo-server-express ramda cuid es6-error graphql-tools graphql-iso-date graphql moment shopify-api-node authorize-net braintree paypal-rest-sdk stripe shippo flatten-obj twilio nexmo
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at main.js (modules.js?hash=a6871893979f0726a13eee26eb39fd11ef2cb057:48886)
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{ "_id" : "Faux-Wood-Blinds", "title" : "Faux Wood Blinds", "shopId" : "J8Bhq3uTtdgwZx3rz", "ancestors" : [], "createdAt" : Date( 1396558012411 ), "description" : "Moisture Resistant\nHot and steamy? Faux wood is great for bathrooms, kitchens, and garages.\nSuper Durable\nDoes your home feel like a circus sometimes? Scratch and moisture-resistant PVC can stand up to almost anything.\nBudget Friendly, On a budget? No worries. For the same look, faux wood blinds cost less than real wood blinds. Easy to Clean, An easy wipe down is all that's needed to make your oh-so-pretty blinds sparkle.", "handle" : "example-product", "hashtags" : [ "rpjCvTBGjhBi2xdro", "cseCBSSrJ3t8HQSNP" ], "price" : { "range" : "12.99 - 19.99", "min" : 12.99, "max" : 19.99 }, "isVisible" : true, "isLowQuantity" : false, "isSoldOut" : false, "isBackorder" : false, "metafields" : [ { "key" : "Material", "value" : "Cotton" }, { "key" : "Quality", "value" : "Excellent" } ], "pageTitle" : ".", "type" : "simple", "updatedAt" : Date( 151303495747
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package gopol
import (
// "fmt"
// "io"
// "log"
// "bytes"
// "fmt"
// "log"
// "bufio"
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function gitRe() {
git st
git co develop
git pl origin develop
# Assumes Jest
function deJ() {
node --debug-brk ./node_modules/bin/jest.js -i --watch
# Run this script like this:
# curl | sh
cat > ~/.gitconfig <<EOF
name = mikeumus
email =
co = checkout
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