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# Let networkd manage all devices on this system
version: 2
renderer: networkd
#declare the interface used y the bridge device
dhcp4: no
dhcp6: no
# Create the bridge device
interfaces: [enp7s0]
dhcp4: true
dhcp6: no
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grayFinger commented Jun 13, 2018

thank you

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Niazwali commented Dec 13, 2018

Thanks mikewebb70, I want to create a bridge 'br0' from two ethernet interfaces 'eno1' and 'eno2' with a static ip assigned to the 'br0', can you send me a reconfigured example on

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Plorax commented Mar 25, 2020

Hey guys. Niaz I'm having to do the same. Please won't you paste your config here or send it to me because I'm also struggling with the same setup. I have a host machine, running VMs inside virtualbox. The only way I can communicate with the VMs is if I setup a Host-Only adapter on VirtualBox. If I set the network adapter's to be Bridged on virtualbox for each vm then I can't access the VMs. Their subnet don't match the host's subnet, so I'd like to keep it that way but still give my VMs internet access. I was thinking a bridge network adapter on the host would allow that. Am I right ? my email address is jacques at bchain dot co dot za

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