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Last active September 2, 2020 00:42
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ECIP Presentation Processes


This aims at defining a standardized process for initial presentations relating to change proposals on the ETC network. With a well defined process for allowing presenters to present their ideas without disruption, we can garner more civil and productive discussions that allow all parties involved to participate once an understanding of the idea has been established.

This process only applies to initial presentations where someone with an idea can present their idea for general understanding and consumption. There is no voting or discussion making during these calls.


Currently there is no clear process flow for how individuals or teams can present their ideas to the community. There is an overwhelming amount of "noise" in these discussions and it would be beneficial to all involved if there was a standardized process to allow voices to be heard from the person(s) with the idea.

Process Utilities

This is a list of tools that will allow for a more streamlined process for discussion.

  • Github ECIP Repository
    • Github hosts the ETC Community ECIP proposals.
    • Use of ECIP Issues to schedule presentation publicly.
    • Title format
      • PRESENTATION - Name of presentation (ECIP-####)
  • Discord
    • Discord allows participants from anywhere in the world to join in disucssions. It offers chat, voice and video tools to present ideas.
    • is a question and answer board.
    • This allows anyone to submit questions and anyone else to vote on the questions.
    • Questions can be "upvoted"



It is the responsibility of the presenter to create the Github ECIP issue. The format of this issue should include the following information.

# Title
## Presentation title

### Date/Time:
  - Date and time posted in UTC. Can also include other timezones, but UTC is default.

### Location
  - ECIP Issue: Link to actual ECIP if it exists yet
  - Discord Channel: #Presentation-NAME-DATE
  - Slido URL: 
    - Slido Event Code:

### Presenter(s)
  - A list of presenters.
  - This will determine who has the ability to voice/video during the live presentation. 
  - Multiple presenters allowed.

### Abstract
  - The overall gist of what is being presented.

### Motivation
  - The motivation behind the idea being proposed.

### Agenda
  - A list of topic items that are planned for discussion.

### Supplemental
  - This can be links to external resources.
  - Technical articles
  - Videos
  - ECIPs
  - Blogs
  - etc.

This issue should be created at least 1 week before you plan to present your ideas. This will allow time for interested parties to become aware and allow them time to plan to be present during this time.

Once the issue is created with necessary info, you pass it to a Discord moderator for further coordination and scheduling.

Discord Admin

You will be responsible for creating the appropriate text/voice channels within the Community Discussions category in Discord, coordinating times/dates for availability, etc.


  • Creation of presentation channels in discord
    • Granting presenter only permissions
  • Creation of event for questions
  • Optional
    • Recording audio of the presentation


Anyone who wants to listen to the live call may do so. You can also post questions to the event, which is listed in the formal ECIP Presentation post. These calls are informative only aimed to create a platform for ECIP proposals to be heard.

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