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This code snippet enables the hiding of input fields on the Easy Plugin Demo registration form
* Remove registration fields from required fields list.
* @param array $fields Array of required field names
* @return array Array of required field names
function custom_epd_remove_required_fields( $fields ) {
// Uncomment the array values you want to remove from the required fields list
$remove_fields = array(
foreach( $remove_fields as $field ) {
if ( isset( $fields[ $field ] ) ) {
unset( $fields[ $field ] );
return $fields;
* Hide fields on the registration form.
* Make sure to mark any hidden fields as not required fields.
* Otherwise submitting the form will fail.
* Uncomment the filter for the field(s) you wish to hide.
* Note: These filters are only available from Easy Plugin Demo version 1.3.1 onwards
//add_filter( 'epd_register_display_firstname', '__return_false' ); // First name field
//add_filter( 'epd_register_display_lastname', '__return_false' ); // Last name field
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