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Prerequisites for the Azure Serverless workshop

Installing Prerequisites

The hands-on workshop will walk you through various tasks of managing Azure infrastructure. The prerequisites listed below are required to successfully complete them.


You will need Node.js version 10 or later to run Pulumi programs written in TypeScript. Install your desired LTS version from the Node.js download page or using a package manager.

After installing, verify that Node.js is working:

$ node --version

Also verify that the Node Package Manager (NPM) is working:

$ npm --version

Azure Subscription and CLI

You need an active Azure subscription to deploy the components of the application. You may use your developer subscription, or create a free Azure subscription here.

Please be sure to have administrative access to the subscription.

Be sure to clean up the resources after you complete the workshop, as described at the last step of each lab.

You will also use the command-line interface (CLI) tool to log in to an Azure subscription. You can install the CLI tool, as described here.

After you complete the installation, open a command prompt and type az. You should see the welcome message:

$ az
    /  \    _____   _ _  ___ _
   / /\ \  |_  / | | | \'__/ _\
  / ____ \  / /| |_| | | |  __/
 /_/    \_\/___|\__,_|_|  \___|

Welcome to the cool new Azure CLI!


You will use Pulumi to depoy infrastructure changes using code. Install Pulumi here. After installing the CLI, verify that it is working:

$ pulumi version

The Pulumi CLI will ask you to login to your Pulumi account as needed. If you prefer to signup now, go to the signup page. Multiple identity provider options are available — email, GitHub, GitLab, or Atlassian — and each of them will work equally well for these labs.

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